Where to go? What to eat? This is the story of my travel around the world.  I wanted to share a glimpse of what its like to solo travel.  This trip gave me a lot of first time experiences: staying in hostels, traveling alone, eating alone, watching a movie alone, and circling the globe alone.  It was a once in a life time experience to the say the least.  I hope you enjoy the videos and feel free and email me any comments or suggestions.  As I travel, I’ll keep sharing videos similar to the ones below.  The beginning of the trip starts at the bottom of the page. 

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Around the World in 68 Days: Geneva

Watches you can buy a house with and a huge freezing lake.

Around the World in 68 Days: Lyon

One of the food capitals of France, but I can only eat so much.

Around the World in 68 Days: Nice

Rocky beaches and amazing views of the city

Around the World in 68 Days: Marseille

Good food and a relaxing atmosphere.  Chill and watch the sunset

Around the World in 68 Days: Barcelona

You must check out a Football match

Around the World in 68 Days: Lisbon

You must try their Pastel De Nata!

Around the World in 68 Days: London

My first stop! 

Where to Stay?:
Hostels are readily available. I used HostelWorld to find my accommodations.  Depending on your length of travel hotels might be a better option.    

What to do?:
London has a ton of museums and historic sites.  It can done by walking, make sure you have your walking legs.

The tube aka underground aka subway is your best friend.  It spans across the city and will get you anywhere you need to be.

Where to eat?:
Borough market had a bunch of food stalls. The few I went to were tasty.  A lot of good indian food as well.

How to Pay?:
Apple pay was accepted everywhere. As long as you have a card that doesn’t have a foreign transaction fee, swipe away.

Around the World in 68 Days: Planning

What am I bringing? Where am I going?

Where to Stay?:
 This will be my first hostel experience and HostelWorld was useful with quick booking and relatively accurate ratings.  Airbnb was cost effective in some cities.  As low as $17 a night for my own apartment.  The end of my trip was mostly hotels through Hotels.com

What to do?:
I searched for all the must see sights and used Airbnb for random activities like rooftop yoga.  Couchsurfing has different activities available like concerts, pubcrawls, meetups, and even English club.  TripAdvisor has a lot of tours available as well as your hostel.

How to get there?:
I used my credit card points for my long haul flights. For travel between cities in Europe I used Loco2.com for tickets and seat61.com 
Check Local Airlines because it is sometimes cheaper and quicker to fly.

Where to eat?:
Google was my best friend while searching for places to eat.  Asking locals really helps, so make a new friend! Yelp wasn’t the most reliable
Timeout.com had some pretty good suggestions as well.  Youtube was also a great source for places to eat!

How to Pay?:
Most of Europe takes Apple pay/Contactless.  Germany mostly cash.  Asia uses WeChat Pay or Alipay. Look for a bank that reimburses your ATM fees. I used First Republic Bank.

30 hours in NYC

Quick video about my trip to NYC.  Explored as much as I could in 30 hours.  Check it out below.

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