Best Banh Mi Sandwich in San Francisco

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Saigon Sandwich

Why: Each ingredient used in their sandwich stands out and together makes an amazing sandwich.  Locals will go right when they open and get one for lunch or even breakfast.
What to get: Any sandwich you prefer will satisfy your banh mi craving.

Sing Sing Sandwhich

Why: It’s a small joint but they make an amazing combination sandwich. Frequented by local vietnamese. It’s a hidden gem
What to get: Get the combination!

Cafe Bunn Mi

Why: This tiny shop has an extensive menu. They created a few modern styled Banh Mi sandwiches.  Although more costly than the other two, they pump out really delicious Banh Mi
What to Get: Their duck sandwich is always on point.  I also recommend their pork belly with egg. These are usually my go to sandwiches when I stop i

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